Tortoise Anonymous

Hello people, my name is Single Nigerian and I am a tortoise.

Now, do not confuse the name tortoise with slow, wisdom, longevity and all that. Neither should you confuse this with the greed that we have been taught of in our African folk tales. This is not why I am here.

My link or my claim to being a tortoise is in its shell.

Now if you have trust issues of any sort, you would know what I speak of. That comfort that you treat into, the comfort of hurt and pain that you can totally identify with, which shields you from the hurt and pain that the world outside has to offer. Yup, that shell. But then, do you know what I speak of?

Hello again people, my name is Single Nigerian and I am a nutcase.

But then if you were me you would be a nutcase to. The laughter of others is your bread, the happiness you bring to others your drink. Your constant ability to see things from angles no one thinks to look from, form words and do things, push limits. That isn’t awesomeness. It is just a means to an end, to distract you from what you really are.

Hi people, my name is Single Nigerian and I am a loner.

If you have ever had your heart broken into many pieces or been consistently hurt to the point where the only choice that you have is to quietly turn to God, then you will know that sometimes, no, most times, life doesn’t give you choices along the way. You just end up at destinations.

But then many of you would disagree.

The secret to a tortoise is not in its outlook. It is in its shell.

But then what do I know?

Tortoises never forget. Forgive yes, forget no. Remember that.


John Doe

In Other News: It is now one month and the different stories coming in have remained largely constant in their diversity. I am but a keen observer as usual.

Well done Mr. Illuminati, your widsom as usual is illuminating.

Disclaimer: This is the work of an idle mind. For those who will wonder if all is well. All is well… #3Idiots

Thank you BBC for the image

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