The Wire: Can you be Friends With Benefits?

So I came across this very interesting flowchart. And y’all know how much I love flowcharts.




What do you think?

I love eet… Brings some common sense into the entire picture…

You see, if you seriously do not think you can handle a fling, the best time to sort it out is before the fling starts. As for the ways to sort it, they are numerous.




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4 thoughts on “The Wire: Can you be Friends With Benefits?”

  1. lol, that was cute and probably would save a lot of people a lot of strife.

    Since this is obviously geared to the women folk, am i to assume that the default answer to the question of whether or not a man can handle a friends with benefits relationship is “yes”? Cuz i definitely have…words…about that lol.

  2. Hahahaha!! Love eet!! And i believe guys need it too.. Just like women they tend to feel badder than they actually are.. then feelings get hurt.

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