The Scarlet Diaries: The Curse of being a Single Nigerian

Good morning Fans and a Happy New Year. How have you kids been?
Its been a while… Yes? Yes and I know I was missed.
So let me just get to it.

Being a Single Nigerian, I have come to under stand a few things.
For one being single this time of year sucks A LOT!
The occasional Harmattan breeze, the air just seems different; happy.
We singles are almost always in Grinch-mode this time of year.
Being single isn’t always by choice, some of us woke up one morning and it was like rapture took our significant others. Others took calculated and premeditated steps to get rid of their other ‘half’. The former always sucks, cos  most of the time you aren’t prepared for the sudden departure.
Its been almost half a decade and I have no idea how to be single. Its funny, subtlety is something I don’t possess. I can’t form to save my life. It’s like a curse. I see something I like and I just dive in. Some will be reading this and saying. Hey! I like a woman who takes initiative and goes for what she wants and I’ll tell them…

“You haven’t met me, I’ll scare the shit outta you with how forward I can be.”

So I  tell the women, don’t do it. Don’t fall for that, please form o. That’s the last card in your hand, it could also be your Joker, your Ace, your Premium word score. Because once you show your last card its ‘Game over’

Some people say. A man should be more into the woman.
I never used to understand this, till very recently.
Have you met that dude you really like?
My Advice to you ‘Form’, do shakara

Now if only I could take my own advice.


With Love,


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7 thoughts on “The Scarlet Diaries: The Curse of being a Single Nigerian”

  1. Tehehehehehehe…..burrofcourse! I would say I understand you to a large extent about not knowing how to form. The bf never got a “let me goan think about your request for me to be your girlfriend” stuff….before he asked, I knew and I knew what my response would be. But, that hasnt necessarily made our “dating” any easier than those who “went and thought about it”

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