The Rules of Shopping

Wrote this a long time ago, it still brings mixed feelings now I am reading it.. Anyways, enjoy!

This was inspired by an un-interesting day of shopping where I spent more time waiting than actually doing any shopping, I penned down a number of tips for us dudes when we do go out with women… Giving the gist will defeat the purpose of this post.

1.1. Leave your phone at home: This way if you conveniently get lost, you cannot be reached…
1.2. Offer to hold her phone for her…: This way even if you do get lost she can’t reach you, and as you most certainly do not want to be reaching her this makes it even better for her (sorry I actually mean you).
1.3. Act like you are interested in checking out things she is not interested in… This way you can politely get her to suggest that you both meet up at some place in the mall at a particular time(which she wont keep anyway).
1.4. Go back home immediately… Does that sound evil? You don’t have your phone, you have her phone, the probability of her using a payphone to call you is non-existent add to that the state of bliss she attains while shopping, the probability of her running into you (9/6,000,000,000, and that is not the number of people on earth; more like the number of people plus things to look at in a mall) and the fact that the happiest place a single sane man can be is anywhere away from a shopping complex. Everything together makes a pretty slim chance of discovery and a very presentable case if caught.
1.5. Having done all the number crunching and dodging, I finally settled for this: If you are not married to it, or intending to; kindly request to be left at home (including your mother)

The number of old men I had standing with me was quite larger than the amount of young men…
(Note to self, I must remember to carry 7 newspapers, 2 novels and one psp next time(for variety))

Finally: I must say that:
1. Anything done above is done at your own risk. In other words YOU ARE ENTIRELY ON YOUR OWN!!!
2. Please if you do try it, feedback will be much appreciated.
3. Please married men, and prospective ones, do not try this at home, or else you could become a prospective bachelor…
4. For any more information check number 1.

If you think I am jobless, it took me three hours to think up this. Three hours I spent with lots of different old men (very patient old men I must add), no newspapers, books or psp’s and a persistently ringing phone(perks of going out with another person’s girlfriend; hence 1.5). Three very hot frustrating hours!!!
And I thought it up using totally unrelated events too, this is by no means related to a true life story. It is totally non-fictional. Oh that is a big lie.. It all happened and it happened to me.

Hehehe… Enjoy!!!


Single Nigerian Man

Disclaimer: Need I say more? PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS IN THE MOTHERLAND!!! Nigerian girls sabi cram phone number

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10 thoughts on “The Rules of Shopping”

  1. lol @ trying it in the Motherland…yes, we Nigerian girls are smart like that!!! 🙂
    the clown that attempts to try any of these with me is soooo dead!!!

  2. lol this is funny! We are not tht bad shoppers! can i say some men are equally bad and we women too get bored sometimes when we go shopping with you guys :p – i know its rare though.

  3. Honestly this is just as painful for women as it is for men. My preference is always to split up in the mall go our separate ways and meet up for lunch or a snack somewhere. 9 out of 10 times, we are always on time to meet up to eat!
    I’m not a good shopper anyway, but i’ve had the rare luck of being surrounded with men who not only take their time shopping but also like to window shop and compare prices…*YAWN* So annoying, if the price difference is not over a tenner its not worth the hassle of traipsing up and down the gaffe!

  4. Women…finding the best bargains since bible days!

    But honestly, the time we spend shopping (may I add for real things) is equivalent to what you men spend online surfing for cars, games, gizmos, etc you probably cant afford!

    1. LOL!! I will not dispute that. The problem in this post however is going shopping with either party(man or woman) when they are of no relational (the word to use here eludes me) benefit to you. Or in this case going out for aimless shopping with another man’s boyfriend. I blame myself though.

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