The Good Guys

For many who have read my articles and poems, it must seem like I do a lot of guy-bashing, abi? Well, my life with boys has not been all bad. I’ve met some really sweet, caring and romantic organisms with good qualities I could list from here to China… Lemme give you a quick summary.

The Really Sweet One

Lots of roses; so many , I had to give some away, love letters (yes, way back when), sweet smiles, my first kiss…


My first taste of strawberries and cream, texting sweet nothings even when we were in the same room, always whispering compliments in my ear, meaningful hand-squeezes and secret smiles (we were disgusting with our PDAs), little gifts, making me feel GORGEOUS with the almost non-stop pictures. Sigh…

The Suitor

Caring, totally honest, eyes filled with puppy-love, frequent calls “just to see how I’m doing”. You meet this guy and instantly know he’s going to be reliable and consistent.

I know you guys like gist, but let’s stop there.

My point is, I have frolicked (!) with the good guys as well as the… let’s just say, not so pleasant ones. I do know that good guys still exist, they are out there walking amongst us like normal people.

Yes, I said it. Men are not all dogs. Some of them can be quite sweet and cuddly and cute (*batting eyelids*).

Sadly, though, I do not have a good track record with the above-mentioned lovely creatures. I tend to fall more heavily for the ones I have to work for just a lil’ bit; they pique my interest. Sorry, Good Guys, I truly am!


P.S. Single Nigerian Man has you all brainwashed, abi. So no one thought to even ask of me. No sweat. I’m off to have a good cry in a dark corner.

P.P.S. Abeg, all these guys in my life, don’t remember to revenge o! Think only Christian thoughts of forgiveness and peace towards me:-)

12 thoughts on “The Good Guys”

  1. Am I the first? Go me!

    Ah, the good guys. What I hate is when a good guy gets tired of coming last and decides to be a bad boy. Enter mind games.

    It would serve us well to keep away from the bad ones. What is it about unattainability that makes somethings more attractive….? Le Sigh

    -Glad you’re back, you better dry your eyes and get out of that corner 😀

    1. Indeed you are Number 1! Loud and clear on the mind games bit. As for the allure of the unattainable, I personally don’t like “ready-made” love, o jare!
      -Still sniffling though…

  2. Bad boys are fun but mostly scum,Good guys are caring but mostly boring.No matter what blows ur mind nature has a way of balancing things.Whether u lik bad boys or good guys u ll surely get wat u deserve. says:

    We all get wat we deserve

  3. Vin diesel when all we wanna do is play games, get wild and adventurous and call it a day; if Mum and sisters must approve and you want to sign up on long term things please good guys only!

  4. My dears, ready-made love is when one person already adores the other, even before any relationship arrangement is made. I want us to find the love together!
    NSJB dearest, it hasnt been patented yet, but you know how we do! ;-);-)

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