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Scarlet Diaries: This Val’s Day

This year’s val’s day couldn’t have come at a better time. A day after Ash Wednesday? Day 2 into lent. Haahahahhahahahaha! No meat of any kind. *chokes*
Ahem, so the question as to what you are giving up for lent pops up; will this be the test of your relationship and your spirituality? *GhenGhen*
Us single folks are here grinning from ear to ear,most of you might still carry ash on your forehead and go out pre Val’s day. God is watching you,it is the Lenten Period! Alcohol,Sex,Caffeine; top three things to give up for lent….*chuckles*
Personally I have never been a fan of Val’s Day. It’s irritating, pointless and overrated. It’s not a real holiday, you don’t get the day off and Lagos traffic takes a script right from hell. The most annoying part is people have forgotten the true meaning of St. Valentine’s Day. Here are some random points..

  1. Did you know there is mandatory mass for all Catholics on Valentine’s day?
  2. Did you know who Saint Valentine was?
  3. Did you know that Saint Valentine was a man who risked it all to marry lovers in secret and also gave all his belonging to charity?

Google is your friend do your research!
Or, you probably do and don’t care.
For Me, Love is in the air, but not the kind that happens in modern day,its not just cause I am single, I just don’t care.
This year, like every other year, there will be no chocolates,cards or Flowers because as far as I am concerned Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark scam. Every Day is a Saints day. There are over 365 saints and yet no day is as overrated as Saint Valentine’s Day,and even the significance of the day is lost,why really do you celebrate ‘Saint Valentine’s day’?
*adjusts judging spectacles*

There is probably an organisation made up solely of Card makers,florists and chocolate companies, trying to keep this farce of a ‘holiday’ relevant.

Oh and the Hampers are just another excuse to spend hard earned cash. Oh by the way BBM isn’t helping my distaste for this day.
No! I do not want to buy hampers filled with sex accessories. Chocolate bars have been replaced with edibles body paint,whips,fluffy handcuffs, vibrating devices,blindfolds,clamps,edible underwear, roll of condoms 10ft long! Jeeez, have you looked into those hampers???? Its like Pandora’s Box.
The chocolate and card people won’t be happy.
How did Val’s day morph from a day of celebrating love to Sex toys and sexual deviance? Like Christmas,y’all have turned Val’s day to something else.. I weep!

What happened to tacky ‘be my val cakes’?

Even Satan is shaking his head at your behavior  Naughty,Naughty humans. Stop it! Don’t even imagine it. Yeah,Yeah. I know Sex sells but still! if you must celebrate this day,Forget your significant others for once, send a card to your Mom,Dad, buy chocolates for your Family members,Send a big ass Chocolate cake friend to your Sister,or even your bestie who is in #teamforeveralone.(We aren’t always single by choice) just saying. Take your Brothers to the movies or Dinner, go to an Orphanage and spend time with those less privileged because that right there is real LOVE. Your significant other can show you love some other time in the 364 days of the year.
In my opinion.
What are your views on what Val’s Day has become?