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Thoughts and Ramblings…

This is one of them posts that one neither knows how to start or how to end. It is one of them posts that one has no idea what the title should or can be. Yes, it is one of them posts I write when I start thinking too much. I am pretty much your average Nigerian; I work for the government, make little or no money, have no girlfriend but want many girls and struggle everyday to live right. One thing makes me stand out though, something I try my best to hide and shield daily and it is that I care too much. I resolved long time ago that I would make a difference in the lives of people whether directly or indirectly and although I have long stopped beating my chest or head on how to do that, I know I WILL do it.

Work carried me to Minna yesterday, very bumpy ride otherwise it was uneventful.. I say uneventful because the last time we made the trip, a goat had the misfortune of being run over by us. Coming back was pretty much uneventful save for the awesome weather that met us. If you live in Abuja, then you know exactly what I am talking about. It was like all them Bible movies I watched when I was a kid. And the narrator reads in his boring voice “The sun went to sleep, the clouds came out in their many numbers and the sky went as dark as night. It rained for hours and hours till there was no more land in sight…” anyways you get the point before I start getting carried away. We got into Abuja and met traffic, the sort that only Third Mainland Bridge people should testify of. Long story cut short we had to enter bush to beat the traffic. Heard this morning that it took 3hours to get past that traffic. Picture was taken at 6.20pm in Abuja. It should have been a lot of brighter (note to self – I have to get a camera)

God has blessed me with awesome parents, a wonderful family and privileges that I can’t deny have kept me alive for this long. I will forever be grateful. However reaching Abuja and seeing the crowd of people waiting for vehicles to take them home, touched me and then cut me deep. I saw an old woman standing in the rain who looked so tired and it broke my heart. I saw young men and women, people who should be the hope and future of our country stand for hours with no way whatsoever of getting home and I began to get angry.

Angry at the government for not performing their basic duty in providing for the citizens of this once proud nation. Our president claims he was born in a village, he went to school without shoes, trekked for miles and miles… Does he still remember? The Senators, House of Reps and all, the Ministers of our country, they know. At one point in time they would have seen the sights that I saw last night and still they do nothing. I wonder what is it all for? You have a 100million dollars in your account, you can only ever spend 20million or so.. Why on earth would you want to have 900million more to your name? Why?

I am angry at the church too, so many pastors now are all interested in preaching money to their church people. How to make money, how to be successful, how to live hoping for a better day. How about preaching on how to make a difference? How to change lives, touch lives? What happened to being your brother’s keeper?

I am angry at the helpless situation I find myself in. I want to do something and sometimes I do, but even that is not enough. No it isn’t and even that hurts me. I see kids running on the streets begging for bread and food to eat. I see them with all the energy and while other people curse them, I wonder how they got into town, how they would get back and who on earth brought them here.

I understand the hustle, I understand how we have to better our lives. But I do remember a time when a whole village could pool resources together to send one bright talent to school so he could have a better life and so promote the village in the future. I remember a time when parents would go for days without eating just so they could feed their children and send them to school to have a better life. I see those children now in some cases not caring about the other bright talents in the streets. Talents that could move the nation forward. Bright lights extinguished by the lack of hope in the streets. Survival is for the fittest they say, but the truth is, the fittest is not always the best. That has been proven time and time again in our society today.

Everybody is on the hustle nowadays it seems. If you can’t hustle then you ain’t worth the time. In society however there is a place for everyone. I thank God for your hustle, but then in most cases someone, one person helped you to where you are today. If 1 person helped you, you can help 2, 3 or more. It should be a ripple effect. It should be

My dearest friend calls this me, rambling. A period when I just sit down and let things out in bits and pieces. She also showed me that in this state I do not make any sense at all and I realised that writing brings everything together for me. Today I will mention you directly, thank you (If you ever do read this).

Another dear friend helped me realise that long walks in parks and places help me think. There is only one park in Abuja I can walk in, the fear of Boko Haram keeps me in one place. I thank you too.

So many people have brought me to this point, to this place I am in right now. A lack of space will not let me say them all.

My mum, the strongest woman I have ever known, my dad (my superhero), my entire family, my church, the one place I ever considered as truly mine. The people I call friends… I can’t continue, writing this ish makes me think I am gonna die soon. I won’t. My book is still being written. It has not reached the end yet.

Enough of this, let me start work for today. Minna calls


Single Nigerian Man

As a person of power in government, if any decision you make does not benefit the common man then you are not doing your duty – Can’t remember where I read this

Disclaimer: I am rambling, forgive the gbagauns and things. I have to work soon.

I will make a difference!!!

In other news Boko Haram has promised to unleash carnage in Nigeria, make we dey watch.

God help us all…