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First Impressions!!

Dear Blogville, So I did it, I broke my blog and then unbroke it, it doesn’t look quite perfect yet, but well, it will have to do. Will do some more tweaking in the following weeks, just hope I don’t broke it again. Hope y’all don’t freak out too much when you visit.

Now on to the post…

They say “First Impressions” count for much, but I never really believed much of it till recently. For me normally, I act based on my mood the first time I meet someone, if its a guy, the needle rolls around; polite, friendly, distant or nonchalant. If na babe however the needle rolls around; polite, flirty, interested, uninterested and pick race immediately. So you might meet me and your first impression of me would be nothing near who I actually am. It has always worked for me, I have never minded… Till recently.

Let the following story be a lesson to you dear readers, that first impressions do count…

Extract from 8 years ago

I pretty much lived a nonsense life back in my undergrad days, alcohol, some drugs and some women mixed with plenty night activities. It was a normal thing to end up with a random girl for the night, have quick ones in the car and generally live useless lives (when I look back at those times). Now the next morning me and my friends usually drove down to the nearest town to get our heads back from wherever we dropped them the night before. I remember that morning like it was yesterday.. After a particularly wild night in our bid to get our heads back, our dear friend rolls up in his car to pick us up. On entering his car we noticed something in his back seat and on closer examination we saw that it was a red pant (I shit you not). As if that was not enough, my dear friend proceeded to explain to us who the girl was, and when we did not understand, took us to her room and literally showed her to us (as in). Why is this coming up? Hmmm…

If you must screw yourself over, make sure you use protection.. If you didn’t understand that here is another one… If you must crap in your pants, ensure it doesn’t smell.

I met the girl last month and although she did not know who I was, I knew very well who she was (8 years later). We think first impressions only occur when we actually meet someone? As in introduction and things? Believe me some people started hearing your gist 4 years before they actually met you. Yes it has happened to me several times. Find below an excerpt of two different conversations I have had

Scene 1

Dangerous looking guy: Hey

Me: Sup

Dangerous looking guy: You are John right?

Me: Yeah

Dangerous looking guy: Just hailing

Me: Ok, cheers.. (and I took off)

Scene 2

Relative: John Doe?

Me: Yeah, who are you?

Relative: You mean you don’t know me? How is your son?

Me: *blank stare* (thinking: oh shit not again)

Relative: I am your relative

Me: Ooooh, sorry sir (kindly piss off let me be on my way)

Point being that anyone and everyone might have an impression of you without you actually doing anything to deserve it. Moral being, if it breathes, it has gist, if it stinks, the gist will most definitely go round.


Single Nigerian Man

Disclaimer: This is actually a test post, it looks like total bollocks to me, please don’t use it as a first impression for this site, there are worse posts.

Please comments on new site structure are very welcome. I need am badly so I don’t feel like I wasted loads of time here.

Oh yes, all references to my real life status have now been deleted.. Can’t have people linking all this stuff to me. NEVER!!

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