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The 419? Project

First heard about this project from nigeriansfornigeria.org and I took interest just long enough to get the general gist and then bone. In my mind I said, we have started again and I freed the matter. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to get to know more by visiting Sir Fariku’s site  and I must confess I didn’t know the origin of the project, neither did I know how far it had spread within the country. However regardless that day was not a good day for me to see it (not with the Boko Haram threat). Why? I will tell you. Before I forget though, please do not hesitate to visit the site and play your part.

In Nigeria we like to give things fancy names that never seem to work. I remember Operation Feed the Nation, the Grassroots Movement and PTF back in the day. I remember Lightup Nigeria (please where are they?). Now we have The 419 project running and I can only wonder, how long will this phase last? To what end? We are complaining about 419 now, but I remember when the song Maga don pay by Olu Maintain came out. I can remember how many people complained. I remember when I go chop your dollar came out, I remember how many people complained. I know how many friends I have that dabbled with the 419 program and I know how many wanted to get involved. I wonder, is it those same people that want to join the program?

I wonder, how different are we the people from our government? We can like to to talk the talk and do all the complaining but when time comes to do actual work and keep at it, no one is there to be found. I remember the movie District 9 (great movie by the way), Nigeria complained about the way Nigeria was portrayed in the movie. Warlords, cannibals, e.t.c. they took offence at a time when militants were ravaging the oil industry in the South a time when some politician was caught with a goat or something weird like that. I can’t remember.

I remember when Abdulmuttalab was caught with explosives in his boxers and we were blacklisted. Nigeria complained, screamed and talked plenty. We are not terrorists. Where are they now? We are now complaining of 419 because of a blog post a man wrote about a scam mail that he got. We are complaining because the people that sent the mail talked about Nigeria. We are complaining while we do know that a lot of our boys are involved in the 419 scams. People will scream and shout if they ever visit this page but then I will state the following points…

  1. If you remember when the EFCC first started, if you remember the work they actually did, you will remember the number of people they actually caught doing the 419 business. You will also remember the outflow of Nigerians to neighbouring countries. You will also remember Ghana complaining of the number of Nigerians that came to their country to start the 419 trade.
  2.  You should know that putting up different blog posts of 419 reasons to love Nigeria will probably generate a feeling of resentment from me and people like me. Why? If you have seen all the lies MTN, Glo, Banks and our government tell us on the news and you compare it to what you actually experience, then you might know what I am actually talking about. Personally, I think it might help the good feeling in Nigeria, but then only for a short time. Reality will set in.
  3. I remember Muttalab and the issues it caused between Nigeria and the international community. We are not terrorists, Nigerians said that no normal thinking Nigerian would blow himself up. We love life too much and all.. It didn’t take long for us to eat our words. Words we are still eating. Fast forward 18 or so months and our president and leaders have the guts to say terrorism is here to stay. SHAME!!
I know I will probably get slaughtered about this, but here are my reasons to love Nigeria
  • I love our ability to blow things out of proportion in the heat of the moment and then conveniently forget about it all 6months down the line
  • I love how the motivation behind most Nigerians is to be of benefit to just himself and maybe a few others
  • I love how we can be good practising Christians in times of trouble.. We fast and pray when there is a crisis but we lie, cheat and steal to make a quick buck when it involves the hustle (hard work for the right reasons ba?).
  • I love it when we are quick to sing praises of thieves and looters when they are in power and can contribute to our hustle but we are quick to castigate, insult and degrade them when things go sour (please why not fast and pray then?)
I love my country people. I love it to bits.. Prayer worketh much indeed, but only when the people are righteous. No matter how you try, painting a dirty pot will never make it clean. I wish this project the best, but having seen the ones before it, I will prefer it if we don’t make this a “Nigerian” project.
I will say this once and then rest my case… Being positive about Nigeria online, will not change Nigeria, neither will it change the impression people have of it. If I want to find out about Nigeria and I go to google, seeing blog posts, websites and things put up by Nigerians all saying 419 reasons will only make me go to BBC, CNN and so on, to get the truth. Or I simply go to Wikipedia. I wish you all the best people. But our people are hungry, jobless and slowly losing all hope. That is our problem. Every society has its vices.. We don’t overcome the vices with words and posts.. That is what our government is doing, it HAS NOT worked. Why join them?
Let your light so shine, that men may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven – Matt 5:16
Need I say more? If we clean up or society, it will reflect worldwide. WORLDWIDE I SAY!!
Finally I would like to ask, who brought up the idea? Was it Peter J Reilly? Or was it us? If it was him, then shame on us all for going ahead with this!
Disclaimer: This is a reflection of my views, not a reflection of the Nigerian populace.
Oh I did forget to mention JJC and the 419 Crew
Talk might be cheap today, but the cost of it tomorrow might be much more than you ever foresee.
God bless Nigeria.