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Scarlet Writes: Getting that number

Dear Diary,

*slaps self* What am I? 12?!

So,lately I have been trying a couple of ‘social experiments’ ; nothing too naughty or out of the ordinary. Just trying to understand social interactions more thanks to boredom and curiosity,more importantly because I owe it to myself and thousands of women and Men out there.
Una no send me I know sha. And yeah, you’ll probably hate me for this..

So there I was sitting at the waiting area of  the cinema. My friend was running late, I was getting bored, the smell of popcorn and movie previews playing on various screens on an endless loop was too much of a distraction to read a book or even fake it; reading a book (before your minds go far), I mean. So I just watched people around; couples holding hands, friends in groups talking a little too audibly, trying to decide what to see and then one or two loners.
It was a Friday night, most movie goers were either waiting for the traffic to ease off before finding their way home or to some party. TGIF!!!! But then I digress
I was still scanning the area, sipping my now warm bottle of coke when I saw him; average height, a tad timid in his gait, but he was easy on the eyes. He had a backpack in hand as he requested his movie, he looked like a lost puppy, he turned looked around spotted the empty chair beside me and made a beeline for it.
He didn’t ask, he just looked at me and I gestured the seat was empty.
He sat there for about 5 mins staring at his ticket.
Had he never been to the movies?
I felt like I had to talk to him. I should talk to him, shouldn’t I? I was thinking
‘What are you seeing? I ask finally
He looks at me, surprised at first that I was talking to him
Sorry, me?
Yes, I asked what you were seeing, I reply laughing.
Oh sorry …’Lincoln’
‘Nice, Spielberg. Alone? I ask again
Yes. He looked a little uneasy.
But I continue talking making sure I hold his gaze.
‘Lincoln is a serious movie, I wouldn’t want to go there with people asking questions. I remember seeing total recall with a bunch of girls I was saying and smiling.
Exactly! He smiles back
For the next 30 mins, we gist about a lot of random stuff. For one why he is seeing the movie alone.
A lot of laughing,smiling. If you didn’t know us you would thing we were old friends.
My phone finally buzzes, my ride is here I announce cheerily.
He is getting up too, because his movie is about to start,I pick up my stuff, linger for a bit and ask for his number.
He recites his digits, I don’t bother flashing, I say I’ll call him.
And I approach the stairs
I hit DELETE. Smile one last time at him and I leave.



Women, this scenario ring any bells?
You meet a guy, you hit it way off and you think
‘He is soooo gonna call and he never does.

And you are left wondering what went wrong.
Did he get hit by a Bus?
Is he in a ditch somewhere?
Was he an Alien or was he abducted by Aliens?
The Questions are countless
The truth is maybe he was just bored, saw bored looking girl alone at the movies, and decided to talk to her.
That’s why I did it. But we’ll never know, will we?
Not everything is a mind game,Most times the most obvious answer to a solution is usually the answer.
Its not like I am taking sides or pulling some philosophically crap from thin air or maybe I am. Lol
But the truth is Human Behavior is something we will never get to understand.
The answer to the question ‘Why didn’t he call’
Simple – he was just being courteous and polite when he asked for your Digits.
What are your views?
And one more Jamb Question. Is this Real or a figment of my imagination?