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On 2016, getting hacked… And getting married!!

So before I say anything else, I would just like to say this…

I got hacked!!!

Oh yes, that happened and I am still shocked that after more than a year of inactivity, someone still thought me hack worthy.  I believe they will be back as well. And I am not entirely sure I have blocked all the leaks. That aside… Continue reading On 2016, getting hacked… And getting married!!

It has been a while. Apologies..

It has been a while people, truth be told, I actually cannot remember the last time I blogged in here. I know it had something to do with HD and Toyin but then…

Hope you all are good? This is just to say bear with me/us, I made a big blunder here on the site and happened to lose close to a year’s worth of posts and most of the pictures on the posts. This brought about the need to take down almost all the available posts and slowly start bringing them online one after the other. Continue reading It has been a while. Apologies..

Tortoise Anonymous

Hello people, my name is Single Nigerian and I am a tortoise.

Now, do not confuse the name tortoise with slow, wisdom, longevity and all that. Neither should you confuse this with the greed that we have been taught of in our African folk tales. This is not why I am here.

My link or my claim to being a tortoise is in its shell. Continue reading Tortoise Anonymous