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Crying Wolf

If you know the story of the very foolish boy who cried wolf you have probably jumped to conclusions on reading the title of this post. This has nothing to do with little boys, sheep, wolves or nigerian babes. Well maybe a bit of babes.
This post is for the composers and forwarders of useless blackberry messages.
Now I understand several things, I do understand how some things can touch you, make you laugh silly and things. I do not understand however how “our friend” can forward a bb message to us and you now decide to immediately forward the same message to us all. As in, how does that work? Then there are some messages that you have no business sending, messages I have no business reading. Even more annoying are the messages I read 2 years ago.
Now I believe it is entirely within your rights to send purple messages, however I believe it should be our right to opt out of reading them.
Now where does crying wolf come in? For every time I see a red flashing light and pick my phone to see a purple message from you, it dampens my mood just a bit, takes you down my priority list a little bit and moves you closer to the delete button. Be very very careful *now giving the evil eye*

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