Scarlett Writes: Window of Opportunity

Hello Everyone, Happy Post Holidays. I had this long post on how awesome my easter weekend was gonna be, because I had plans!!! Unfortunately, I spent all weekend in bed, alone all through the holidays. I am shocked! Oh Well. I figured you all deserve a story

I know today is Wednesday technically Tuesday because Monday was Sunday *errr* You catch my drift :). So my post today will be short and to the point.


The ‘Window of Opportunity’
Y’all already know what the window of opportunity is but allow me to explain,

The window of opportunity is that period of grace we all(women) allocate that potential Lover, friend with benefit( before the benefits of course),You know that time when you wait patiently for said guy to ask you out on a date, a meeting and in some cases a ‘slam, bam thank you very much’…
So Ladies, How long do you keep your window of Opportunity ‘open’? Two weeks? A month?

FYI….this window could also be called a ‘box of opportunity’ or if I may be so bold; ‘The Goody Bag’

Ok. Imagine this, lemme break it down *in JT’s voice’
You meet a guy, you like him, he seems to like you but he isn’t taking the ‘let’s see a movie this weekend’ or ‘let’s have drinks this weekend’ hints. Its hella frustrating but you have to wait as a woman abi? Pffffft!
Well for me,I see a spark and I want to throw some fuel on that spark and see those flames ignite….FAST!
We aren’t getting any younger you know
So? I hint and in some cases I take the bull by the horn and I say “Hey! Wanna hang this weekend?” Yes!! I am that forward. It works for me. So when I close my ‘window’, it usually means that it has been toooo long and I cannot categorically explain my disappointment in this guy in question.

How long is too long? I ask again…A year? 6months? Ehmmm… Is a year and a half too long?

I am ridiculously patient when it comes to the opposite sex and I am a firm believer of giving that guy the looooongest of ropes to hang himself (I.DO.NOT.LIKE.GAMES). So when I finally kick the chair from under him, he usually knows he has messed up and the space that used to have a window is sealed shut with bricks, cement and iron bars.

Why so mean? Because it is risky to make your intentions known, Some guys BOLT.. that whole macho thing, wanting to be in control of a situation, but some are smart enough to see the rest of this story as it unfolds.

When I make my intentions known (directly, indirectly depends on how I feel about this person) I start the timer and watch you get on that chair and knot your own noose, you’ll be begging me to put you out of your misery. Soon
Too much on the morbid analogy?….*sips chilled coke*
So, this happened to me
I met this interesting individual, by the second phone call we had,I knew he was getting lucky.
Problem, he wasn’t taking the bait
He was always too busy, Forgetful
But still he called occasionally and a lot of BBM convos about things I found interesting, I wanted this human being to ask me out, but he never did!!
I would put myself out there, he would say “OK,we’ll hook up”.
But weekend came, I would call/ping to ask what happened… Excuses! Excuses!!
A lot of Ok, k, kks, GTGs… endless BRBs
Dangling me on a hook, watching me squirm, I was frustrated, wanted to throw tantrums his ways at some point, but I held my own. After a while, I lost interest… Of course!!!
Then the Universe decided it was time to have some fun (loool).
Finally, I met him again at another gathering, this was 12 calendar months and even some more months later… and all of a sudden, he had ‘Tunnel Vision’ for me, (probably all that drinking). Suddenly he had the whole week open and could meet me up for drinks at anytime or movies. He was all over me,trying to get me alone, to some dark corner, I obliged. *watching him get up on that chair and tie the rope to a branch*

Finally he gets me to a quiet place outside, he sits opposite me, he saying how he is always so busy, but now he is wide-open, apologising blaa blaa blaaa.. Holding my gaze, saying how gorgoeus I looked, hoping for a snog et al *knotting and adjusting the noose around his neck*

He asks one last time; “Would I have been lucky then?” And I replied with my naughtiest smile….”Oooooh, you have no idea what you missed out on”…still smiling,I stroked his thigh, oh so slowly, leaned closer, looked him straight in the eye, inches from his face and I slowly said…. “NEVER.GONNA.HAPPEN.YOU.HAD.YOUR.CHANCE”……

He had a priceless expression on his face, I stood up and as he moved out of my way, I walked away in my best strut! Never looking back, I imagined I was walking away from an explosion! IT FELT AWESOME!
Was that Harsh? I think not…..
Any man that is too busy to see you, forgets his appointments with you isn’t a serious candidate for the goody bag!
Sad Guy up there might be looking for a million of things or just one thing, but his window closed. Life goes on.
I know my men, and I know if a man wants something, it could be the goody bag, the box or even the delight of your company.

HE WILL MAKE TIME, he will chase you to the ends of the earth if needs be, If he doesn’t?
then ‘Sis.. He isn’t that’s into you’! That’s gospel!
You probably didn’t hear it first here, but this is a friendly reminder.

So please, if you have stories and you are in a sharing mood, I would love to hear them
Have a great Hump day!


3 thoughts on “Scarlett Writes: Window of Opportunity”

  1. First of All, this post is in no way short. *go down low*
    Secondly, you do realize that at the time you are giving dude the long rope to hang himself, he might actually not be available and could do nothing at all about it. You also do realize that he flung himself at you at the first opportunity he had and you sef got a quite short rope to hang yourself. Right?


    Next time, you could try this, walk up to him and whisper in his ear “Let’s have sex” and see what happens.
    If a sensible guy cannot offer you what he thinks you want at that particular time, the probability he would be called slacker is very high. Add to that the fact that him coming up and asking you what you really want brings up the possibility that he might have to say not possible to a quite hot chick and make himself even more of a slacker will increase the possibility of him keeping quiet.

    I would have added some mathematical formulas but then, it won’t make any sense.

    Where K.. Oops, sorry

  2. Boss! First of all you (no down lows)
    You knw me, I rant :p
    You shld consider writing a post abt this,you seem to knw a lot abt when men ‘slack’
    Secondly, if he was unavaliable, he shld have just said it not led me on for so long, with the hope that something ‘might’ happen. Cman! Let’s be adults here, just say it ‘I am unavaliable’, then if I still chook head then it all on me…..SIMPLE!
    Now if he had said that and I met him the second time and he claimed to be avaliable ‘OF COURSE’ he wld have gotten lucky the second time ard…..
    Morale of the story…’Don’t Lead women on’..say it! Why hide that you are in a relationship…
    Thirdly, I am the only one giving ropes in this scenario…..LOL!
    Did u just say I shld whisper ‘let’s have sex in a guy’s ear’??? Pls pls don’t start!
    u’ll claim to like foward women,but if a woman is that forward 8 out of 10 times the guy gets turned off…unless he is already out of his clothes, then reason goes out the
    the thrill of the chase,is actually more interesting than actually getting the prey
    Why the hell wld I make it that easy?! How many women are that outspoken abt sex?like I said even hints are risky. Men are still very old fashioned abt this kinda things, you knw it,I knw it……EVERYONE DOES
    Now I think I just got next week’s topic or maybe you shld do the honours…

  3. Slacking is what I do best. Although I rarely act too busy for someone I like but I guess this window of opportunity thing falls under friend zoning yourself. Sometimes dudes just dont know how to read signals and put the lady on such a pedestal that they are stuck in the same room having drinks and dude does not make a move.

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