Scarlet Writes: Douchebaggery Theory

We are all douche bags  Every last one of us…I had this epiphany over my cup of triple shot espresso with lots of sugar ( 5 sachets of Nescafe and 4 cubes of sugar). Even the sweetest soul is a douche bag within, it’s just lying there latent waiting for the right circumstance to rear its disgusting head and make people want to pelt you with pure water bags or stones.
The question of the day

[quote]’Have you hugged your inner douche bag today?'[/quote]
What? I am not making sense?, you sure? Ok.. Permit me to open the moi-moi wraps around your mind.
Are you telling me, that in your adult years, I said adults because kids are another breed of not so angelic and they know it.. Lol
In your adult years, you haven’t done something intentional,that was so awful that you wanted to smack yourself ? In a non-sexual way of course? Be Honest!!!
People Lie, People steal,People cheat, people gossip and our excuse for this…
‘I am Human’
“YES YOU ARE”! You are also hard wired to survive and if surviving means doing whatever necessary then YES!  You have done some douchey things at the expense of others,and you didn’t care, even if you did you didn’t let it show,maybe because you were too proud or maybe cause you are jerk naturally and you can’t help yourself. So you see
We are all Douchebags!
*mind unwrapped, grabs fork* Oh,sorry *drops fork*
So I ask again
‘Have you hugged your inner douche bag today’?,have you accepted the fact that you can’t control these things sometimes and you just have to let it slide?
Oh! Don’t beat yourself up..or you could *wink*
So please embrace that asshole in you,hug it, caress it, own it *mental slap*
Ok! I am rambling at this point. I wish you all a Happy Hump Day (wednesday). Get over that hump, smile… The day after tomorrow is Friday *grins*
I see a lot of douchey behavior this weekend YOLO! *dodges koi-koi shoe*


Image credit: Tech In Asia

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