Parental Advice Pt. 2

My very first attempt at blogging from my phone. I have said a quick prayer and I sincerely hope it comes out well.

  1. My son: If you must take self defence classes, don’t do it for you, do it for your future family. Your wife and your kids.
  2. My children: Sex is good yes, that’s what music, movies and commercials preach. What they don’t say is that it is even better when learned and done with a spouse. Believe me, been there.
  3. My children: Now the in thing as a teenager and a university student is to look hot, go to parties and do all sorts of crazy stuff. Be yourself, it will be hard I know but the more successful people are the ones who can pull that off.
  4. My children: Don’t worry if he or she is more popular now because they can drink, smoke or they sleep around. 5 to 15 years from now when everyone wants to get married, its you they will come to not them. Save your sweetness till then. The rest of them will be yoghurt.
  5. My children: Oh yes, if you ever disrespect your mother for no just cause, I might commit murder, she might be many different things to you but she will always be my queen.
  6. My daughter: To all the men who say they want to marry you and say they want to test the goods first, quietly say this.
    I am talking and laughing with you, I am capable of eating your money, I have breasts and look like a woman, wetin you want again? Any trader will tell you this, to test with your own equipment, you have to pay for it and take it home. Na only software dey come with 30day trial. I am very sure your mother did not give birth to programs

Single Nigerian Man

Question of the week.
I understand how make up works… Ladies turn beautiful with several dabs.. Please biko, if babe dey only fine for night, wetin she be?

Abeg na phone I use o, all word people should jump and pass.

With a quick word of prayer, I shall now press post…

8 thoughts on “Parental Advice Pt. 2”

  1. Awww, i love this : )

    As for your question, erm…i’m not sure there’s a politically correct answer

    I think your post came out just fine, btw.

  2. lol post came out fine

    #4 is something I remind myself of a lot – if i may say so myself, that’s the policy I thought myself to grow up on :p

    LOL @ #5 ditto

    As for make up – hmmm lol no comment.

  3. Mmm okay, in an attempt to answer your question, when yo say only fine for night, do you mean in a club or when it is dark? If it is when it is dark it is either because she is extremely beautiful and didn’t need make up in the first place or because you can’t see her flaws and all. Not to say flaws don’t make people beautiful, I mean if you have pimples, they add character to your face so your face won’t look boring. Lol

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