On 2016, getting hacked… And getting married!!

So before I say anything else, I would just like to say this…

I got hacked!!!

Oh yes, that happened and I am still shocked that after more than a year of inactivity, someone still thought me hack worthy.  I believe they will be back as well. And I am not entirely sure I have blocked all the leaks. That aside…

How’s everyone? If anyone still reads this. Have I apologized? No? Well I should, because I did the one thing I thought would never happen. Did the one thing I have accused bloggers of doing in the past and I let life happen and carry me away from this place.

Work (which has been hectic), life and marriage. Yeah you read right, I am now married, as I know few people would have noticed the change I made in my twitter bio, I might as well declare it. Is there a story? Of course there is. Will I tell you? Maybe, but only after you buy me a couple of bottles of Star Radler.

For work, I am seriously considering starting off on my own because with everything in my head ideas swimming and all, the question is “Why not?”. People with one head have done it, seeing as I have 2, this one here and the other one I use for everyday living, I might as well try it. So, people, if you know anyone in need of someone who can fix problems using IT, feel free to holla I am either that guy or I am the guy that can get you that guy. If that makes any sense. Having said that…

I am married people, I wont come and start telling you stories of how you should no longer be a singlet. In fact I can tell you that you should enjoy being a singlet for as long as possible because the minute you turn to a t-shirt, you have to start dealing with sweat. And I can tell you that I do sweat a lot. (Substitute sweat with anything you can think of please).

Oh yes, before I forget, happy new year people!!!

Here’s hoping that this year is awesome!!!

With love.

Single No More


Not sure what the deal is with all the black soot in Port Harcourt, but then an exit strategy is needed.

If anyone has news on the whereabout of hidden stashes of loot anywhere in the country, please holler. Unlike most of you, that holds more interest to me than either BBN or PMB’s location.

Thanks to hackersnewsbulletin for the picture

Do I promise to post regularly now? Well…




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