Myths, Lies and False things…

It has been a while since I put anything up, weird as it may sound to some people, I have been busy, very busy.
The reason for my busyness is the first myth that needs to be dispelled right now.

Myth 1 – Government workers don’t do any work: Says who? Says the people that don’t work for the government. I slaved for 6 straight hours on Friday. I have been working non-stop for a while now and its going to continue for a while longer. I thought working for the government involved Facebook, late start times and early closing times. Myth totally busted.

Myth 2 – Road travel in Nigeria is cheaper than air travel: Men, that one sef na lie o. I made the mistake of travelling by road a week ago. Abuja to Lagos; Air(27k), Road(3.5k). If you do happen to go by road though there are some more values to add which I state below:
Time to recover (1week plus)
Hospital bills (5k on average)
Myth busted.

Myth 3 – Air hostesses are hot: As a young boy growing up, air hostesses were classed in the same league as the baywatch hotties. I am grown up and I have flown in various airlines and realised that it is a big lie at least in Nigeria. I have seen fat, spotted, pimpled, God’s own creations and the occasional beauty with plenty attitude. Aero and Arik are the biggest culprits. I no blame them sha, I blame Zenith and GTB. Myth busted.

Myth 4 – Youth service is a sure sex avenue: I heard this in the run up to my 3weeks in camp. I reached camp expectant and was sorely disappointed. All stories of nookie all over the place were lies. Myth also busted.

Took a trip to my village this weekend. A proper village people. My grandma’s burial. The last grandmother I have. Mixed feelings, but I guess its one thing we can be happy about. I am in my village and I can blog… Awesome

Thanks Msluffa, OhJ, and my dearest Kiah. It has indeed been a while.

Single Nigerian Man

Saw my grandad cry today. He is 84 and for some reason that touched me more than anything else that happened to me today. Married for 60years and it just ends… Puts some things in perspective.

Disclaimer: once again this was done with my phone so I don’t know how it will look. No spell checks either.

With prayer and some trembling I shall press post.

8 thoughts on “Myths, Lies and False things…”

  1. Aww mate… So sorry to hear about your nan. I pray she is in a better place. I envy people who have had time with their grand parents – I only met one and had at most 3 years with him b4 he passed on- he was like super man to me.

    Omo – air hostesses everywhere perhaps except on Asian air lines are hot. I wish they didn’t have to wear so much make up. Woke up on a flight once and was frightened by this heavily coloured and pancaked face asking if I wanted beef or chicken. If not for hunger – not thanks Would’ve been my response.
    Glad u’re back

  2. Accept my sympathies on the loss of your grandmother, staying married for 60 years is something one can only hope to emulate…

    NYSC.. Dunno about that but I shared the proceeds (Mr Biggs ice cream and meat pies) that my female flat mates would return with from their weekend trysts during my own service year..

    I owe my support of Liverpool – and Celtic – to the piles of newspaper clippings my paternal grandfather (the only one I met) saved from 70s and 80s.

    Enjoy the blogging from your village ooo..

    1. Yes dear. But then seeing him cry was surprising..
      OhJ congrats. Didn’t get to see the match but I am sure they deserved it.
      And the NYSC stuff is reserved to the weeks in camp. After then all manner of things happen.

  3. Sorry about your grandma bro, I m sure she is in a better place. I think you have effectively debunked these myths. The NYSC one, I think most of the segsing goes on after camp. I dont think anything beyond 3rd base goes on for most people.

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