Like a Broken Record

Show of hands; how many of you have been through a painful breakup? Yeah, yeah, you don’t have to raise your legs as well as both arms, now! Na wa.

For all tv show lovers, cast your minds back to The Cosby Show, where the eldest daughter, Sondra, was involved in a rather turbulent relationship with Elvin. Now, the whole Huxtable family didn’t particularly like young Elvin because whenever he and Sondra broke up (they did so a few times), Sondra would walk  around the house, soulful look on her face, shoulders drooped and headphones nailed into her skull as she crooned miserably;

The flowers have died

There is no morning dew

The crickets know no love songs

And I feel so blue…

Which brings me to my  point. Most of us have a Breakup Playlist. A few years ago, when my tiny heart got pulled out, rolled around in the dust and then stepped on, I created my first ever Breakup Playlist. Naturally, it tended a bit towards girl power and liberation, but also had a few tracks with deep, poetic lyrics all talking in parables about misery. Really good stuff, ba? I know. It saw me through the hard times.

I don’t think I produced earwax for a couple of months during that time, since my earphones were almost always implanted in my ears and the music blasted straight to my soul via my brain, drying up any moisture in its path. It’s a wonder I still have my hearing.

I would copy the playlist directly at this point, but sadly, that phone has long since crossed over to the great phone shop in the sky… Well, I’ll list a few of the ones I remember.

Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come to an End)

Say It Right

Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone

Sade – King of Sorrow

P!nk – Funhouse

Ayo – Down on my Knees

Nuttin’ But Stringz – Broken Sorrow

When the slightly resuscitated heart again got knocked down recently, I didn’t let myself make another playlist. Enough, I told myself. Instead, I surrounded myself with feel-good music. So for a while (and up till now) I listen to the entire Crazy Love album (Michael Buble). And Nelly Furtado’s Try. And Koop Island Blues by Koop feat. Ane Brun. As well as my usual naughty songs which I will always love.

That is not a playlist.

C’mon, you’re amongst friends here. What do you listen to when love goes sour?

11 thoughts on “Like a Broken Record”

  1. lol, i don’t have a break-up playlist, probably because its been so long since i’ve been involved in anything even remotely similar to a break-up! If nothing else, when i feel all mopey and blue, i either sleep it off or listen to some really hardcore rap. #Gangsta

  2. Heartbreak playlist… I can relate. Lady Ngo would your playlist include tracks from D12? Like “Shit on you” for instance? Just asking…
    My top songs would be…
    Underneath it All – No Doubt
    Scratch – Kendall Payne
    Li li lies – Diana King

    Welcome Tess… Glad to have you here. You changed your blog addy I see.

  3. The crazy things we do for (broken) love. Whether tis cos we don’t believe the relationship will just end or we believe we’ll get through that phase, i know not.

    Mary Mary – I just can’t give up now.

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