It has been a while. Apologies..

It has been a while people, truth be told, I actually cannot remember the last time I blogged in here. I know it had something to do with HD and Toyin but then…

Hope you all are good? This is just to say bear with me/us, I made a big blunder here on the site and happened to lose close to a year’s worth of posts and most of the pictures on the posts. This brought about the need to take down almost all the available posts and slowly start bringing them online one after the other. There are a lot of them and it most definitely would take a while. But then it means you get to relive a lot of posts you mainly had forgotten.

Will be releasing old posts every weekend and will also start working on new ones, so I guess this means that this is the transition program. Having said that…

Is it just me or has the year gone by really fast?  I mean just yesterday we were having arguments pro-change and con-transformation and today, we are hustling like crazy for fuel.

Kind of, sort of missed this space though, here’s me hoping that I keep it going.

Oh yes, thinking of starting a new space where entries on Single Nigerian experiences both from within or outside our great nation will be published. If you know someone who knows someone please holla, will publish anonymously or not so anonymously. As per give you a chance to share your story (no pressure).



Please, I am all eyes for any #SeizeTheBae stories I can get.

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