Down my Rabbit Hole!!

Its a good day today, I have a good feeling in my heart, maybe it’s because I saw Jane Doe last night, maybe it isn’t. Today I have decided to deviate from the norm and take you a few layers deeper. Follow me down my rabbit hole…

Now everyone blogs nowadays, for different reasons, for different purposes. For some na marketing strategy, for others na to gain popularity, others blog like a diary for the first two purposes, yet others just use it as a way to air their views. Some do it because that’s what everyone else does, while others like me do it out of a serious case of boredom. I have four blogs, have been blogging for nearly 4 years and for some weird reason, this one blog has gotten more hits in two months than all the other blogs combined in the past 3 years. I would love to wonder why, but then I don’t really care. Funny how I start a post and end up somewhere else.

Like I said I would deviate from the norm and write a serious post today, something I would usually write on one of my other blogs.

Last night I remembered the parable of the talents. The servants that invested their talents and the foolish one that buried his for fear of his master and it made me start thinking…

Loads of times a lot of us that have some sort of presence whether in the blogosphere, in the entertainment world or in the world in general. Do/write loads of different things and then sprinkle some Jesus on it to make it look slightly better. I wonder how that works..

I thought about the talents as our salvation and what we make of it. There are the people who are out there doing all they can with it, doing the winning of more souls, the ones who touched us well enough to kneel down and make the decision to serve as servants. There are the ones like me who choose to bury their talents, bury their salvation saving like its an account in First Bank, waiting for the day we can cash in and go straight up to heaven.

As if saving it is not enough we make reference to the content of the account every now and then, sounding like heirs to riches that don’t show in the manner which we live our lives. In summary, the account we claim to have is one that we share with millions of other people worldwide and what we don’t realize is that by the time we want to cash in on them talents, one of two things could happen,

  1. You could have forgotten where you buried them in the first place.
  2. Someone else would have been given what was meant for you.

I know my God is merciful and he forgives all who sincerely ask him for forgiveness, but then the bible doesn’t tell us what happened next in the life of the sinner who asked for forgiveness in the story of the Pharisee and the sinner. The bible does tell us that all who  Christ saved here on earth were told to go and sin no more.

I try to live right, I try to put myself out there every now and then and while some people would applaud themselves for making an effort, (I would rather be a sheep than a goat) I feel just trying every now and then is simply not enough.  I wonder why we would rather bury our talents than use it, God left 99 sheep to get you (if we were to go biblical), sacrificed many for your sake,  from the early Christians who were burnt, boiled in oil, beheaded along with many bad bad things to Martin Luther who suffered excommunication to get the word as it is to the common man. I strongly believe I should be part of yet more sacrifices to save one more lost sheep.

So to all the people sprinkling Jesus as salt to spice up their life for just a little bit, be sure of one thing, when the rains come, all that water will wash that salt right out of your life (just saying). Am I a hypocrite if you base this on all my posts? Maybe. Am I sprinkling salt? Maybe. Am I stating what I strongly believe? A quiet yes will suffice.

This is a deviation from the norm though. Maybe it’s because Jane Doe is around.


Single Nigerian Man

Simple Poetry

How can you call yourself a soldier?

You have a sword you don’t use,

A shield rusted with disuse,

How can you serve him?

I would say many things… Amongst them a search within me for truth as I should see it not as I have been taught. Amongst them a bid to finally catch Jane Doe.

Dear MsLuffa, this is for you. Your blog posts in so many ways, remind me of what should be, remind me of what I may have forgotten.


John Doe, signing out.




17 thoughts on “Down my Rabbit Hole!!”

  1. Abi oh, taking Jesus like salt you just sprinkle on is disastrous. I try to make him a deeper part of my life but sometimes *sigh*

    Nice blog.

  2. *Deeply thinking*

    Sometimes, have always wondered on this, “…the people who are out there doing all they can with it, doing the winning of more souls,…” and i wonder, is there only one way to do the Master’s work?

    In retrospect, i realised the third side to the coin of doing the Master’s work. In our everyday living – offices, neighbourhoods, schools, social gatherings et al…… our dispositions in these places are subtle yet firm ways we can do His work.

    Do people see us and gasp, i would love to be like him/her? Do we stand for what we know (not just believe or have rationalised) is right even if we are the only ones ‘standing’?

  3. i am so guilty of ‘burying my talents’… Heavenly Father, please marinate deeply into every pore of me…no more sprinkling for just a little bit…

    Dearest SN, you are on the right path…;)

  4. SNM; I feel really humbled by this. Personally, i like this blog – the fact of the matter is that you experience those things, you know what’s right and wrong, the things you do or almost do are in full awareness of who you are and called to be. It’s interesting you have four blogs with slightly different tones, almost like you’ve compartmentalised yourself, what harm would it do to reveal that one person in one place?

    Fact of the matter to me is that God is pulling out what he’s sown in your life. Your time of public revealing is coming – when all around would see the God in you – like it or not.

    This post reminds me of one thing – in all we do, we’ve got to do it remembering God is watching…

  5. @rethots, you got it spot on there.. Go into your world, not just the Afghan mountains, Iran and co..

    My dearest Kiah, Amen!! 😀

    MsLuffa, ehmmm, I have no excuses, just that I started each blog with different aims. Actually have 6, but two are locked (blushing). God is always watching which we tend to close our eyes to (or conveniently forget). As for time of public revealing, I just hope I am ready (William McDowell comes to mind here)

    1. Yeah every time i say that i always remember William McDowell… something resonates with that track 🙂

      By teh way, i was going to ask you, are you ever going to reveal more about Jane Doe? Do a special post on her maybe?

  6. Deep stuff… Solomon definitely knew what he was talking about when he said the way of a man with a maiden (Jane Doe) was one of four things he couldn’t wrap his head around :p

    On a more serious note, I think for the vast majority of us, the Mission is Next door, not in Afghanistan (as rethots so eloquently posited).. And if Afghanistan is in the BigOne’s grand plan, it behoves us to serve our apprenticeship next door first in any case..

    If I remember correctly, every time Paul wrote letters sending greetings to the local churches, the majority of those he mentioned by name were often people doing ‘next-door’.

  7. In my Christian-journey, winning souls is what I still struggle with. I’m currently working on it anyway. SNM, I wouldn’t mind if you give me some tit-bits on how to go about it.

    Nice blog. Keep the posts coming.

  8. If ‘seeing’ her caused this, perhaps we should pray she marries you….but you may have been flung too far and become a ‘father’ with a vow of celibacy in tow. Now where would that leave you guys..?

    Okay, methink you should just be friends then. *chuckle*

    Ps: what r ur other blogs, let’s go leave footprints there 😀

    1. @ManCee shared one of them below. The other one is a blog of incomplete poetry that I am scared to share.
      @Joseph there are 2ways to win souls that I know of; words we speak and the lives we live. The 2nd is harder but more effective and in many ways paves the way for the first.

      Thanks for gracing my wall people..
      Muchas gracias.

  9. Nice post. I don’t know about you but sometimes it is way easier to bury the talents and other times you are not sure of the particular talent you have been given. Also don’t you have to find that salvation and develop the talent before you share it and use it for the glory of his name?

  10. Interesting and nicely put – facts. I have actually been thinking about that.. is trying to be good and sprinkingly Jesus here and there while comfortable enough?

    hmm Jane Doe…

  11. @angelsbeauty, my hmmm is louder than yours, she has that effect in many areas of my life
    @Sir Fariku, indeed it is easier, but it is far easier(if that english is allowed) to reject the talents in search for “better” things
    @MimiB I will start pushing your gists to you in piecemeal from Wednesday, work is crazy

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