Day 4: Increase Your Testosterone

So there are some questions I am supposed to ask myself at this stage…

They are

  • Do you feel like your libido has been ebbing away? Nope
  • Has erectile dysfunction caused you embarrassment? Nope
  • Have you been carrying some extra pounds that won’t go away? Yup
  • Do you often feel physically and mentally tired? Yup
  • Do you feel depressed and unhappy? Yup
  • Do you feel shiftless and lack drive? Sometimes
  • Do you wish you felt more like a man? Nope.

Well that is embarrassingly honest. Which brings me to the second stage.

1. Get at least 8 hours of sleep tonight. Fail

2. Do not smoke at all today. Doesn’t count as I do not smoke

3. Do no eat anything with soy in it. Pass

4. Meditate for at least 10 minutes. 

5. Do resistance training. Fail

6. Eat a serving of good fat. Does Bole and fish with roasted yam count? If yes, then Pass

7.  Eat a serving of animal protein. Again if fish counts then Pass 

8. Eat a serving of cruciferous vegetables. This just makes me think of crucified veggies.

9. Have morning sex (if you partner is willing, of course). Sigh..


I strongly believed I would do better at this. Oh well.

Tomorrow is another day. Here’s to 8 hours of sleep tonight.


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