Day 3: Find a Mentor

So is it just me or do these things get more difficult? So Day 3 involves getting a mentor. Now I remember a time when I used to take things of the spirit more seriously. There was a place I used to go to and get things in guidance.

  1. Oswald Chambers – Utmost: The fact that he died nearly a hundred years ago says a lot about my way of thinking but a lot more about his way of teaching and his way of life. Which brings me to…
  2. The Philippian Jailer: A blog (now a site)  used to visit every now and then. Started all over again

Now I understand that a mentor should be living and should provide guidance on all and everything you do. So now the question is who? A number of names come to mind, some of whom are within easy reach. Will update this as the days go by.

Oh yes I believe what I mentioned above won’t be what anyone that comes on here would relate me with but hey…

*Kanye shrug*

Still side eyeing Naija Husband, The Rust Geek, OriqMent and BobbyAnonymous. Will say why as the days go by.

One thought on “Day 3: Find a Mentor”

  1. Pray tell why this subcommittee of three is being assembled… And what yours truly is meant to deliver as part of that.. 🙂

    The Phillipian Jailer looks like one to add to my feedly going forward.. Nice!

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