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It’s a Guy Thing aka Men ‘o’ pause (Now Manopause)

Men ‘o’ pause has now been changed to Manopause for writability sake (and it does sound and look better too I must admit)

I went to bed last night and the last thing that crossed my mind was you Jane Doe, right before I drifted off. I woke up this morning and the first thing that crossed my mind again was you, the next thing that crossed my mind was “Why one earth hasn’t she buzzed me, is she ok?” On a good day I wouldn’t bother, I would chill, prepare for my work day and start it. Not today though, today I lay back in bed and I started wondering, wondering what is, what could be and what is not.. Rather than bother you with my thought processes about Jane Doe, let me get somethings off my chest.

I understand that women and men are very different in very many areas. I understand that women are mainly guided by how they feel about something at a particular moment, but its like women fail to realise one very important thing about men… Men operate with timelines. Yes timelines.  If something doesn’t happen at the time it is expected we are patient for a while longer and then we begin to fret. We may not say anything but we DO fret. And a quietly fretting and worrying man is just an accident waiting to happen. It is worse if we do talk about it half and half or we talk about it and nothing happens, why? Because you made him actually say something and you nothing happened after he did. At least that is off my chest.

That brings me to the the wonderful new word that was crafted in my brain right in the middle of my confused state of upset, anger, sadness and sense of impending misery. The word is men ‘o’ pause (hehe.. reading the word right now just gives me the laughs, actually makes me feel better)

Need I say more?

Men ‘o’ pause |ˈmen -ə-ˌpȯz: is the exact moment a male begins to ask himself what on earth he is doing with a particular female. This female could be a friend, a girlfriend or even a wife.

Now that is defined on to the main purpose of my post…

Causes of “men ‘o’ pause”

  1. He likes her but she don’t like him enough, yet she is willing to waste the time he could have spent looking for someone else.
  2. She wants him to chase her in the exact way and manner she desires, and while she doesn’t say how, she is willing to wait till he finally
    Had enough?

    gets it right. But puts him down like a dog anytime he doesn’t

  3. She is leaving town for a long time and while he is willing to be in the relationship, she says she is scared of long-distance and is not willing to try and see if it works out and then she expects him to stick around. Yeah Right!!!
  4. One of my favourites. He is chasing her and she likes him but won’t date. She also likes Okafor, Olumide and Oliver and she talks about themall the time. Truth, none of them are even up to him. “I can’t put all my eggs in one basket dear, I need to make something out of myself”. Words she tells him repeatedly.
  5. He waits on her constantly, is there for her when she needs him and at the end of the day she says “I am bored, I need some action”
  6. No guy likes being unsure of where he stands with a woman, it makes them cranky, quickly irritated and very suspecting. All the attributes women hate in a guy. If you like him let him know, if you hate him let him know and then please desist from eating his money or wasting his time. Just free them in every sense. They will hate you but then they won’t do you bodily harm
  7. There comes a time in every man’s life when they really need to be alone. Not because they are mad at you, but because frankly the world sucks at the moment and they will just like to feel miserable for a day or two. You have your menses we have that, so please respect it. It is not a time to nag or tell us to get up on our feet and stop feeling miserable. If anything comes out of your mouth it should be consoling, else save it… Do it long enough and…
  8. There is friend for food, friend for fame, friend for money and friend for problems… If a woman can be categorized into one of them areas then it is likely she wouln’t last long in a guys life. More the pity if she actually likes him.

To all the sisters out there that look down on a brother because he doesn’t suit you at the moment, not enough money, too far away, not good enough, not bad enough, not prayerful enough, etc. Guess what? It actually makes us feel really bad and it can make an entirely wonderful day start out crappy

Funny how no one wants to date a Pastor, but everyone wants to marry one? Especially when they are successful. Twill surprise you how many women have God fearing man as number one on their list

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t meant to offend anyone though frankly I wrote it feeling really pissed (so forgive any grammatical errors). I know many fine and outstanding young ladies. I am not sexually discriminating anyone, just stating the obvious in quite subtle ways.. PS Jane Doe, I still love you.

Sometimes, women just piss me off big time. This is one of them. I shall stand in front of the mirror each money and recite to myself repeatedly from this day henceforth.

John Doe is single 

And I shall do it Naked!


Single Nigerian Man

Please, do not let the sun go down on your anger!!!


Parental Advice…

So after careful thinking, I came up with advice I would have loved to hear while growing up. Penned down for my kids (present and future)…

My daughter…

  1. Never ever sleep with any man or woman for money, however after you marry, your husband must give you gifts outside the bedroom and outside of special occasions. No, good sex is not a gift.
  2. If he must see your breasts or any part of your body, it absolutely has to cost him dearly… Love is priceless, sight of flesh isn’t. Make him pay
  3. It is very important that you keep your eyes open and your legs closed… Remember this at all times. No, surprises are not allowed.
  4. Men lie all the time, it is up to you to be loyal, but lie better. Remember this as sometimes you may have to lie for both of you.
  5. If he says he loves you, he doesn’t. If he says he loves you when you are on your period and he is a thousand miles away, then maybe he does. If he shows you he loves you when you are on your period and he is right beside you, please keep him. He is either very much in love or he is an excellent actor (money making potentials)

My son.

  1. If she is toying with you, forget about her and buy a new toy before she reaches your brains…
  2. If she let’s you sleep with her on the first week and you are silly enough to do it, please wear protection and make it sloppy. If it took you time and effort to get her in bed, then make sure she remembers you.
  3. Women are excellent liars and grudge keepers, make sure you don’t get caught in a lie.
  4. Always let the woman break up with you. Saves the time and energy you will need to do it yourself.
  5. If you want to surprise her just act stupid. They love things like that and will rub it in your face just for the hell of it. That is good news because it will distract them  from your real purpose.

Know your husband or wife early my children, the knowledge can help you focus. Above all else, guard your heart and mind… Else you will be used and dumped by all manner of people. Remember people may like used goods but no one likes used trash. So make yourself accessible to all but keep your heart sacred, to just one..

With love,

Your dad
Single Nigerian Man

Closing Doors…?

Now how on earth do I come about with such rubbish titles? I am sure you have no idea, cos neither do I. Now with that out of the way, let’s
moves on to my pondering of the day… To put you in perspective, to put you in the mood, to take you out of your mind and put you into this pot of stirring thoughts which I like to call my mind. Imagine a building with three and half floors (by three and half I mean a fourth floor which can only be accessed from the third). In case your mind isn’t there yet imagine a house as seen in the picture below.

Awesome house (wishful thinking)

Why house and why three and half floors? I now believe, rather strongly too if you ask me, that there are three and a half floors between the time you meet a woman and the time you marry her. I use the word floor rather than step because really there is a huge area to explore within
each level and you could either

  • Get lost on a level
  • Bail out on the woman (via a window or a window, walls are quite thick so they don’t count)
  • Move on to
    • Next level
    • Previous level

I had this as a rather short piece when it popped into my head but I see now I may have to treat each floor as a piece of a whole rather than the whole of a piece (No idea what that means). I have to say that in bailing out on a woman (through a window or a window), it is very important to note the area beneath the window you choose. I can’t begin to stress the importance because it decides how you end up in the future emotionally. Heartbreak, long periods of sadness and depression, STD’s (given, acquired or both), kid/kids (as the case may be) or happiness. Easy to see now that it is not as easy as I thought it would be (sigh). Anyways time to get you out of the stirring pot and back to the real world. Will hit you with the “First Floor” in my next post.

In other words…

Joined a gym today, maybe, just maybe, Jane Doe will get to notice me a little more. In a real need for a vacation at the moment, so many thoughts, blah blah blah, will take off for a week next week. It might do me some good.


Single Nigerian Man

The Hem-line theory

I had an “Eureka moment” today in the shower, where something that totally doesn’t make sense kinda came together in all the wrong places. Usually I would wait till the thought leaks out but I have some sort of word power now, so I guess… Anyways this is how it goes…

Before I continue, I do have to define what my definition of a Hem-line is, “A Hem-line simply put is the distance between the bottom of a skirt and a ladies feet“. That is it, no time for Oxford, Longman or whatever other dictionaries are out there. Now the Hem-line theory states that

In an ideal world, where the grass is always green, the sun always shines and women all think and react alike, the average Hem-line* of a lady is inversely proportional to the time it takes to get beneath it.

Based on my ideal world let us scroll through the different case studies.

  • Study 1, Micro/Mini Hem-line: As the name implies, this goes way above the knees and right up to the thighs.  Micro/Mini SKirt It should be noted that the style and manner with which it is worn is not the point here, the distance to the feet and the amount of leg shown is. Verdict using the Hem Theory: little or no work, Timeline: 1 day to 2 weeks..
  • Study 2, Normal Hem-line: As the name implies this is the average Hem-Line for the average girl. It starts just above the knees and ends just below the knees. As stated above, the style and manner do not count, the distance is all there is to it. If you see a regular girl walking on the street, this is it for her, she has a Normal Hem-line. Verdict using the Hem Theory: some work required, Timeline: 3 weeks to 1 year.
  • Study 3, 3/4 Hem-line: Now at this point things start getting a bit difficult, principles come in, they are hard to get, more difficult to keep and are even more difficult to escape. Be warned, they look and act normal but are far from it. They will reason with you, dispute logic that works with the above Hem-lines and will usually see through an average guy’s lies. Verdict using the Hem Theory: long thing, but is usually worth the effort, Timeline: 6 months to 2 years.
  • Study 4, Any thing longer: Don’t even bother. The most action you will get from these areas are lips, neck if you are lucky and perhaps a little below if you propose, they are prepared for mental sieges, bare-faced lies and anything else the average guy can throw at them, prepare to propose or even marry if you want anything from here. Verdict using Hem Theory:not worth a picture, Timeline: LoL (and still laughing)

In the real world however this has nothing to do with actual Hem-lines and has everything to do with the way ladies think.  I would love to bore you with how this works but then I shall leave it for some other time. However I will say this, that for us men factors that do contribute to getting past them Hem-lines are largely within two very broad areas.

  1. Pride: For guys Oh yes pride, the very thing that makes a man manly in his ideal world. Verdict using Hem Theory: Lose that pride. Pride makes you rigid and you will need flexibility to get past them hem-lines. Pick your battles, know your strengths and use them very wisely. Know what Hem- line you are working against. If you exceed the timelines, you are either doing something wrong or you are quickly becoming a friend.
    For Ladies Oh ladies, yeah watch it, if the guy seems like a wonderful guy to hang out and be with, he probably isn’t (he is either a very good friend or he wants to get beneath your skirt). Verdict using Hem Theory: Know your Hem Line
  2. Integrity: Surprised, guys with integrity will refuse to lie even when Solomon would advise them to. I guess this also walks hand in hand with pride. This means that in very comfortable situations dependent on a simple lie to get things going on (e.g. how do you feel about me John Doe, do you really care about me John Doe), Mr. Integrity will stick to the truth. Verdict using Hem Theory: All Hem-lines become “a long thing” and you will end up getting nad
    Sadly ladies usually don’t get freaky/kinky with guys like this, they know they are doing something bad anyways and absolutely do not want to hear the truth while at it. Verdict using Hem Theory: KMT(hissing to myself)
  3. Other factors: Alcohol, straight-faced lying, white lies, manipulation, etc… Should be used sparingly and wisely, some of them don’t work more than once, so please make them count.

Now I must say, that it has been fun writing this, it made me laugh loads. Please apply sparingly, defend wisely and above all, please observe the definitions for the types of tales.


Single Nigerian Man

* When I say average Hem-line, I mean the average Hem-line of the lady, if she only wears a mini when she is going to party or she is clubbing that doesn’t make the Hem-average a mini, it makes it much longer.

Disclaimer: I no dey o


Image Credit to Pretty Wonderful

The Sandwich Effect

Before I go any further and bore/confuse you let me explain something for this blog, if you look to the left, you will something akin to Types of Tales. That simply put, categorizes from now on, any stories my brain and fingers conspire to bring forth. How does it work? Quite easy

  1. Random: These are quite random thoughts my brain brings out that I do remember to write
  2. Tales: These are stories that may or may not be true, depending on how you the reader decide to finish it up (in your head of course)
  3. Tall tales: Most definitely bollocks, just things I think of as a single man to make me happy, e.g. Halle Berry is the woman next door
  4. Yarns: Space for sale, for anybody and everybody

Now that that has been put outside, I can comfortably sit down and let loose.

Ok, where was I? Yes, the sandwich effect. Now the question is what on earth am I talking about and how on earth did I come about such a theory? I have no idea, its just the way my mind works. As a man, I do some pretty stupid things at some really quiet moments (I absolutely mess up even when there is no opportunity to do so) and I know quite a number of ladies would wonder, what on earth is he thinking? Now before I start explaining or confusing as the case may be, take a look at the picture below…

Yummy Sandwich

As a guy, I have a picture of a woman in my head (lets say Halle), I know what she looks like, I have an idea of what she talks like, I have an idea about her attitude and the various things that make up his woman as a whole. That is my Sandwich (no offense ladies, just flow with me). Now we all know that the ingredients largely make up sandwich, but the Chef, oh, the Chef brings it all together. However, we also know that guys in general make the best cooks, but guys also generally don’t know how to cook (oh yes, I put two contradicting statements in one sentence, forgive me).  Now the funny thing is this, the average guy is not capable of having his mental sandwich (funny but true), so rather than go to market to search for the ingredients to make his sandwich (which he can’t because he is a bad Chef) or going to a shop to buy his desired sandwich (which he can’t because he can’t afford it). He picks you, yes you. You are either the lettuce, the tomato, the egg, the sliced bread, or the MEAT. Oh yeah, the lettuce makes him feel good about himself, the tomato looks so fresh, the egg is a lot of fun, the sliced bread helps him out with business and things and the MEAT (its in capitals so its the big one), the meat is so hot, it’s unbelievable. Sometimes you might be sour, a bit loud, grumpy, run his stomach or quite frankly, make him sick. He doesn’t mind too much and if he begins to mind, he moves on to some other fresher piece and as long as he is with you, he manages to make you a part of that sandwich or the sandwich itself…

That dear readers, is the Sandwich Effect/Theory or whatever name I might think of in the future. I hope no one is offended by this, I hope no breakups will be caused by this, this is entirely a random tale.


Single Nigerian Man

Disclaimer: Please, this is a random Tale. Thank you