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The 419? Project

First heard about this project from and I took interest just long enough to get the general gist and then bone. In my mind I said, we have started again and I freed the matter. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to get to know more by visiting Sir Fariku’s site  and I must confess I didn’t know the origin of the project, neither did I know how far it had spread within the country. However regardless that day was not a good day for me to see it (not with the Boko Haram threat). Why? I will tell you. Before I forget though, please do not hesitate to visit the site and play your part.

In Nigeria we like to give things fancy names that never seem to work. I remember Operation Feed the Nation, the Grassroots Movement and PTF back in the day. I remember Lightup Nigeria (please where are they?). Now we have The 419 project running and I can only wonder, how long will this phase last? To what end? We are complaining about 419 now, but I remember when the song Maga don pay by Olu Maintain came out. I can remember how many people complained. I remember when I go chop your dollar came out, I remember how many people complained. I know how many friends I have that dabbled with the 419 program and I know how many wanted to get involved. I wonder, is it those same people that want to join the program?

I wonder, how different are we the people from our government? We can like to to talk the talk and do all the complaining but when time comes to do actual work and keep at it, no one is there to be found. I remember the movie District 9 (great movie by the way), Nigeria complained about the way Nigeria was portrayed in the movie. Warlords, cannibals, e.t.c. they took offence at a time when militants were ravaging the oil industry in the South a time when some politician was caught with a goat or something weird like that. I can’t remember.

I remember when Abdulmuttalab was caught with explosives in his boxers and we were blacklisted. Nigeria complained, screamed and talked plenty. We are not terrorists. Where are they now? We are now complaining of 419 because of a blog post a man wrote about a scam mail that he got. We are complaining because the people that sent the mail talked about Nigeria. We are complaining while we do know that a lot of our boys are involved in the 419 scams. People will scream and shout if they ever visit this page but then I will state the following points…

  1. If you remember when the EFCC first started, if you remember the work they actually did, you will remember the number of people they actually caught doing the 419 business. You will also remember the outflow of Nigerians to neighbouring countries. You will also remember Ghana complaining of the number of Nigerians that came to their country to start the 419 trade.
  2.  You should know that putting up different blog posts of 419 reasons to love Nigeria will probably generate a feeling of resentment from me and people like me. Why? If you have seen all the lies MTN, Glo, Banks and our government tell us on the news and you compare it to what you actually experience, then you might know what I am actually talking about. Personally, I think it might help the good feeling in Nigeria, but then only for a short time. Reality will set in.
  3. I remember Muttalab and the issues it caused between Nigeria and the international community. We are not terrorists, Nigerians said that no normal thinking Nigerian would blow himself up. We love life too much and all.. It didn’t take long for us to eat our words. Words we are still eating. Fast forward 18 or so months and our president and leaders have the guts to say terrorism is here to stay. SHAME!!
I know I will probably get slaughtered about this, but here are my reasons to love Nigeria
  • I love our ability to blow things out of proportion in the heat of the moment and then conveniently forget about it all 6months down the line
  • I love how the motivation behind most Nigerians is to be of benefit to just himself and maybe a few others
  • I love how we can be good practising Christians in times of trouble.. We fast and pray when there is a crisis but we lie, cheat and steal to make a quick buck when it involves the hustle (hard work for the right reasons ba?).
  • I love it when we are quick to sing praises of thieves and looters when they are in power and can contribute to our hustle but we are quick to castigate, insult and degrade them when things go sour (please why not fast and pray then?)
I love my country people. I love it to bits.. Prayer worketh much indeed, but only when the people are righteous. No matter how you try, painting a dirty pot will never make it clean. I wish this project the best, but having seen the ones before it, I will prefer it if we don’t make this a “Nigerian” project.
I will say this once and then rest my case… Being positive about Nigeria online, will not change Nigeria, neither will it change the impression people have of it. If I want to find out about Nigeria and I go to google, seeing blog posts, websites and things put up by Nigerians all saying 419 reasons will only make me go to BBC, CNN and so on, to get the truth. Or I simply go to Wikipedia. I wish you all the best people. But our people are hungry, jobless and slowly losing all hope. That is our problem. Every society has its vices.. We don’t overcome the vices with words and posts.. That is what our government is doing, it HAS NOT worked. Why join them?
Let your light so shine, that men may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven – Matt 5:16
Need I say more? If we clean up or society, it will reflect worldwide. WORLDWIDE I SAY!!
Finally I would like to ask, who brought up the idea? Was it Peter J Reilly? Or was it us? If it was him, then shame on us all for going ahead with this!
Disclaimer: This is a reflection of my views, not a reflection of the Nigerian populace.
Oh I did forget to mention JJC and the 419 Crew
Talk might be cheap today, but the cost of it tomorrow might be much more than you ever foresee.
God bless Nigeria.

Thoughts and Ramblings…

This is one of them posts that one neither knows how to start or how to end. It is one of them posts that one has no idea what the title should or can be. Yes, it is one of them posts I write when I start thinking too much. I am pretty much your average Nigerian; I work for the government, make little or no money, have no girlfriend but want many girls and struggle everyday to live right. One thing makes me stand out though, something I try my best to hide and shield daily and it is that I care too much. I resolved long time ago that I would make a difference in the lives of people whether directly or indirectly and although I have long stopped beating my chest or head on how to do that, I know I WILL do it.

Work carried me to Minna yesterday, very bumpy ride otherwise it was uneventful.. I say uneventful because the last time we made the trip, a goat had the misfortune of being run over by us. Coming back was pretty much uneventful save for the awesome weather that met us. If you live in Abuja, then you know exactly what I am talking about. It was like all them Bible movies I watched when I was a kid. And the narrator reads in his boring voice “The sun went to sleep, the clouds came out in their many numbers and the sky went as dark as night. It rained for hours and hours till there was no more land in sight…” anyways you get the point before I start getting carried away. We got into Abuja and met traffic, the sort that only Third Mainland Bridge people should testify of. Long story cut short we had to enter bush to beat the traffic. Heard this morning that it took 3hours to get past that traffic. Picture was taken at 6.20pm in Abuja. It should have been a lot of brighter (note to self – I have to get a camera)

God has blessed me with awesome parents, a wonderful family and privileges that I can’t deny have kept me alive for this long. I will forever be grateful. However reaching Abuja and seeing the crowd of people waiting for vehicles to take them home, touched me and then cut me deep. I saw an old woman standing in the rain who looked so tired and it broke my heart. I saw young men and women, people who should be the hope and future of our country stand for hours with no way whatsoever of getting home and I began to get angry.

Angry at the government for not performing their basic duty in providing for the citizens of this once proud nation. Our president claims he was born in a village, he went to school without shoes, trekked for miles and miles… Does he still remember? The Senators, House of Reps and all, the Ministers of our country, they know. At one point in time they would have seen the sights that I saw last night and still they do nothing. I wonder what is it all for? You have a 100million dollars in your account, you can only ever spend 20million or so.. Why on earth would you want to have 900million more to your name? Why?

I am angry at the church too, so many pastors now are all interested in preaching money to their church people. How to make money, how to be successful, how to live hoping for a better day. How about preaching on how to make a difference? How to change lives, touch lives? What happened to being your brother’s keeper?

I am angry at the helpless situation I find myself in. I want to do something and sometimes I do, but even that is not enough. No it isn’t and even that hurts me. I see kids running on the streets begging for bread and food to eat. I see them with all the energy and while other people curse them, I wonder how they got into town, how they would get back and who on earth brought them here.

I understand the hustle, I understand how we have to better our lives. But I do remember a time when a whole village could pool resources together to send one bright talent to school so he could have a better life and so promote the village in the future. I remember a time when parents would go for days without eating just so they could feed their children and send them to school to have a better life. I see those children now in some cases not caring about the other bright talents in the streets. Talents that could move the nation forward. Bright lights extinguished by the lack of hope in the streets. Survival is for the fittest they say, but the truth is, the fittest is not always the best. That has been proven time and time again in our society today.

Everybody is on the hustle nowadays it seems. If you can’t hustle then you ain’t worth the time. In society however there is a place for everyone. I thank God for your hustle, but then in most cases someone, one person helped you to where you are today. If 1 person helped you, you can help 2, 3 or more. It should be a ripple effect. It should be

My dearest friend calls this me, rambling. A period when I just sit down and let things out in bits and pieces. She also showed me that in this state I do not make any sense at all and I realised that writing brings everything together for me. Today I will mention you directly, thank you (If you ever do read this).

Another dear friend helped me realise that long walks in parks and places help me think. There is only one park in Abuja I can walk in, the fear of Boko Haram keeps me in one place. I thank you too.

So many people have brought me to this point, to this place I am in right now. A lack of space will not let me say them all.

My mum, the strongest woman I have ever known, my dad (my superhero), my entire family, my church, the one place I ever considered as truly mine. The people I call friends… I can’t continue, writing this ish makes me think I am gonna die soon. I won’t. My book is still being written. It has not reached the end yet.

Enough of this, let me start work for today. Minna calls


Single Nigerian Man

As a person of power in government, if any decision you make does not benefit the common man then you are not doing your duty – Can’t remember where I read this

Disclaimer: I am rambling, forgive the gbagauns and things. I have to work soon.

I will make a difference!!!

In other news Boko Haram has promised to unleash carnage in Nigeria, make we dey watch.

God help us all…

Down my Rabbit Hole Pt. 2 (Thoughts on Nigeria)

Oh yes, here I am again deviating from the norm, stating things I shouldn’t and giving people the impression that there is actually a working brain somewhere inside the random nonsense I spew out on a regular basis in this blog. Anyone that knows me in the flesh will testify how much I dislike being serious. Anyways, find below something I wrote on the 19th of April 2011, three days after our highly regarded presidential elections (which I personally believe was a sham of the highest order).

Nigeria our Country?


I remember when the whole world was in a buzz because of Obama, the change we need, first black president, one of the youngest presidents in the country, etc… 3 years down the line, have things really changed in the US? Either for its citizens or for its vistors? A lot of people have found out that he is not the change that they thought they were getting. But that is not the point of this post.

I see everyone now in the GEJ buzz, saying many wonderful things about him. The name Goodluck seems to work for him as it has persuaded many to look at him as a charm like if the name alone will move Nigeria forward. That he is from the South South is something that like Obama, is a first for this country and many people are moved by sympathy and are saying that the South South deserves a chance. There are so many reasons people give and right now I look and I wonder if we voted for a Nigerian Obama or we voted for a Nigerian president.. My reasons? I will give just three and rest my case

  1. The South South has had South South leaders for some time now and in the past 12 years, almost all of them are being sought out by the Financial crimes commission for Financial crimes committed against their own people, those who are not are seen as either untouchable or like the past governor of Cross River State, seen to have done a wonderful job.
  2. Going through the South South now and comparing it to what it was 10 years ago, can we honestly say things have gotten better? Or worse? Why do we think that having an educated South South president would make things better? I wonder.
  3. Before the GEJ supporters cut my neck and before the BB, Ribadu and all the rest think I do support them, I will state that, I do believe that the problem with the country is not just the politicians and our leaders, but mainly lies with the civil service. And I do believe that whatever reason you voted for GEJ or whoever as president, was probably not the best reason for the nation as a whole.

I also believe that if you did any one of the following You are part of the problem in Nigeria.

  • Paid above 15k for your international passport
  • Have never done a driving test prior to collecting your drivers license
  • Paid 6k or more for your driving license or never even got to the FRSC office to do it
  • If you have never gotten charged for driving offences even though you have committed quite a few and have been caught severally
  • If you are driving with less than the required minimum number of papers covering your car (yeah that includes expired papers)

Will stop here for now, though there are so many more (I left out customs, roger and the many other things that are a part of life in a typical Nigerian man/woman).

I do not believe that Obama was the best candidate for the USA at the point he got elected and I do not believe Nigeria had any suitable candidate in the present elections. However I do believe that until the citizens of this country individually and collectively sit up and fight for change, then the country as a whole does not deserve change.

And no, going on your knees to pray for your country every morning, and then living as a typical Niigerian for the rest of the day, IS NOT the change we need.

Please, this is just a reflection of my thoughts for my country, anyone and everyone is obliged to think differently.

John Doe


Please where is our GEJ now in your minds?

I truly wonder if we as Nigerians have started asking ourselves questions on why and how things are the way they are in Nigeria,

  • Wondered why the country spent over 80billion Naira creating a voters register that was never used?
  • Wondered why the country is in a buzz and rage about the times of Babangida and Abacha yet say nothing about the people that worked under them in that era?
  • Wondered why a country spent 10billion dollars on electricity but still has less than 4000megawatts? Let me paint a clearer picture; at the time 10billion dollars was spent, it cost about 500million dollars for 200 to 500megawatts of power (not sure of the exact figure) from purchase to installation.
  • Wondered why the press does not do any investigative reporting on things even the common Nigerian in the street knows?

You just gotta love Nigeria, a country of the most diverse people collected in one place on earth. You just got to love the nation.


Single Nigerian Man

Disclaimer: For all the people that would want to bash me for this, I must say this… I AM a public servant. And I AM from the south south. I have thrown the first stone, feel free to air your views.

Quote of the day (QOD hereafter): If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and heal their land…

Ok ok, I will revert to the usual after now.. Jane Doe would have left by then 😀