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On 2016, getting hacked… And getting married!!

So before I say anything else, I would just like to say this…

I got hacked!!!

Oh yes, that happened and I am still shocked that after more than a year of inactivity, someone still thought me hack worthy.  I believe they will be back as well. And I am not entirely sure I have blocked all the leaks. That aside… Continue reading On 2016, getting hacked… And getting married!!

Tortoise Anonymous

Hello people, my name is Single Nigerian and I am a tortoise.

Now, do not confuse the name tortoise with slow, wisdom, longevity and all that. Neither should you confuse this with the greed that we have been taught of in our African folk tales. This is not why I am here.

My link or my claim to being a tortoise is in its shell. Continue reading Tortoise Anonymous

SNM Chronicles – The Problem With Strings

When I was young-er, I thought a lot of things of the world. I thought Nigeria was awesome, I thought I could prosper as an ashawo, I thought I would have gone around the world by now, I thought imagination was all I needed, I thought a no strings attached relationship was a myth.

I am now young and I realise that all these things should remain as they are. As thoughts, except for the last one. A no strings attached relationship has remained a myth.  Continue reading SNM Chronicles – The Problem With Strings

SNM Chronicles – Nookie Problems

So I woke up this morning thinking about this and it is such a big deal at this point that I do have to get it off my chest. Before I do however, I would like to apologize once again from the extended hiatus. How are you all doing? Good? Good!?!

Ok.. *clears cobwebs, cracks fingers*


So I guess some or most of us have been in that wordless, sleepless struggle with the opposite sex about sex. Whether to have it or not. Hands probe, gets slap. Lips probe, gets hand, repeat every 5 minutes till one person gives in. My question today is WHY!?! Continue reading SNM Chronicles – Nookie Problems

Introducing: Single Lagos Girl and a Giveaway.

No, I am not giving away a Single Lagos Girl.

It has been a while. Some work has been going on behind the scenes and it has been done in the hope that the experience on here and the frequency of posts will improve.

First of, I will like to introduce the latest guest blogger, Single Lagos Girl. Well single as long as she can as she is, well… *coughs*. In the coming weeks she will be engaging us all with posts about her experiences.

Secondly, I apologize to all the readers who have been viewing the site and posts with their phones as I am sure the experience has been horrible. That has been sorted out and will be for the upcoming months. Apologies again.

Thirdly, unless an Act of God occurs, I do intend to finish my Letter Series, start up my Zone Series and if possible, start up a Diary as well of events that have happened in the past. If you have followed this blog till date, I will be using terms that I and Chinese Old Man will have coined up. No offence meant Shi Fu.

The year is winding down and it has been all sorts of awesome. Met amazing people, started an amazing journey (I never marry o). And I am grateful. So… To wrap up the year, there will be a giveaway. For more information about the giveaway, please visit the page. Now the giveaway starts up on Monday the 4th of November and will be running till the 10th of December, so there technically isn’t anything you can do yet, please do come back on Monday.

There will be blog posts (I promise) and there will be another announcement before the year runs out. Thanks so much for being a part of the journey.



Disclaimer: This is probably the first serious thing I have written in a long while. Please do take it seriously :).

In Other News

Can we welcome Single Lagos Girl on here. To the people who have been here right from the beginning. Thank you, names are plenty, too many to be mentioned, but many thanks.

If you know any organizations willing to get a bullet proof vehicle for me? I don’t want a limo or a Range. I would like a Land Rover Defender or Toinlicious. Thanks in advance.

I am sorry, no S4 this year people.

God will richly bless you