An Open Letter by SNM

So I finally got around to doing this, after careful thought and consideration and loads of editing. Forgive me and permit me to say my mind. And say it freely.

I believe, strongly too, that it is annoying how people come up to say stuff about violation of human rights now. And that being gay is in our culture or is not part of it, depending on who or what they are arguing about. Forgetting that the same culture we are talking about does not support human rights.

We are so hypocritical in this country, that can also be said to be our culture, no? A country where unemployment is high. A country where livelihoods have been destroyed in the south by oil, destroyed in the north by violence and destroyed in Jos by religious violence. A country where while all these happened people stayed largely silent. People now want to come and talk about violation of frigging human rights? For being gay?

I see stuff like being gay never hurt nobody. Adultery does, so does rape, robbery, corruption. etc. Yes. They do. But being a farmer never hurt anyone. Neither did fishing or just generally minding your biz. It never did. Corpers were killed in the last elections for doing their job. What has happened to them? Pensioners having worked for years die queuing up waiting for their pensions. What happened to their rights? We are here talking on twitter. APC and PDP are tearing this nation apart and we are speaking of gay rights. It is no longer sad, it is appalling. 

You want to be gay, be gay but shut up about it. Fight and fight successfully for the general fundamental human rights of Nigeria. The right to live, the right to eat, the right to make a living regardless of where or who you are as a Nigerian. When you are done come back and tell us you’re gay. And we will fight with you. Not because you are gay but because you are Nigerian. 

Thank you. 


Azeenarh Mohammed has come and published that she is gay. Just so she can get peace of mind. Her piece of mind (pun intended) has required that she break the law. A newly passed law which we all know security agencies will be foaming at the mouth to implement. I wish her all the best. 

We can do what we always do, make a circus show on twitter or actually decide to do something that does not involve talking for the fundamental human rights of every single Nigerian in this great nation.
2015 is coming and I go to bed knowing fully well that we will choose to keep up the talk tomorrow and the day after. 

The USA will not help us, neither will the UK nor Canada. We are where we are today because of the involvement or the lack of with at least two of those nations. Look where we are. 

Leave morality aside, leave religious beliefs. Abandon all talk of culture and take a critical look at this country. 

Do you even still remember child not bride? And what Yerima did after.

If you believe. And I mean sincerely believe that fighting for gay rights in a country that has no rights is the best thing to do then by all means proceed. 

Just wake me up after 2015

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  1. I think you are quite right, there are many things that need fighting for in this country and we the twitter public (me included) have the habit on jumping on the topic the jour and ranting about it. However, although I agree with you I think the ideal situation is when we fight for human rights on all fronts including gay rights.

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