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Single Nigerian is an idea, borne in May 2011, mainly out of boredom and out of a desire to help people. Of course by people, I mean single people, all over the world.

The plan is that what started as an idea should end up as a movement, giving tips and advice on relationships, dating, tip toeing around sexual issues (hopefully) and in general helping anyone who is anyone who needs any form of help when it comes to the opposite sex.

Now, the idea behind the plan is to collect material necessary and relevant to the Nigerian market from notes, collections, sites all over the world and share it on here for anyone who may need it.

Now the vision is to… Who cares, we just give you useless information here that you absolutely need. All the stuff your parents told you that you heard but refused to adhere, the stories that your uncles and aunties said that you decided to forget. Will be coming to you here.

So yes, some things may be lies, some may be true, not all things here are entirely the work of the site and in cases where they may not be, honor will be given to whom it is due.

Now really, I have no idea what I just in here, but then I do hope you understand. Happy reading.

Oh yes, contributors are needed in whatever shape or size. If you are interested please holla right below.

[contact_form email=”enquiries@singlenigerian.co.uk”]

Thank you very much.


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